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How To Throw A Kick Ass Summer BBQ

Summer is here! Finally, right? It is time to break out the BBQ and make some delicious grilled meats (and perhaps veggie burgers). But how do you throw the best BBQ that you can? That’s easy follow these instructions and your friends will be asking you to throw them all the time!

Pick a date

The first thing that you need to do is pick the date. Make sure to pick it far enough in advance that your guests will have time to plan accordingly and let you know that they will be coming. You also want to give some leeway so you can plan for yourself. You will need to figure out what you want guests to bring and what you will provide to them. I personally always buy the food and then ask them to bring the booze and anything special they may want grilled.

Plan Accordingly

After you know how many people will be coming to your BBQ, you will need to get all the food and other needs such as paper plates, napkins, etc… Prepare for everything that you think may or will happen. It is much easier to have everything you need for the day put together so that you know where it all is and you will have easy access. Basically Be prepared. Also you should…

Pick a Theme!

Drinking Heavily is always a popular theme but perhaps you want to class it up a bit. One easy way to do that is to pick a theme. There is a party supply store in every town, and we actually have a couple things that you may have trouble finding there! One of our favorite themes is Star Wars and if for some reason that doesn’t float your death star we have a tone of other awesome ice cubes for your summer party .

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